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Meeting Checklist

Before the meeting

  • book a meeting room
  • order refreshments
  • prepare an agenda with items in order of priority
  • circulate the agenda
  • check the room arrangements and audio-visual equipment
  • ensure appropriate hand-outs or other materials are on hand

At the beginning of the meeting

  • call the meeting to order at the designated time
  • be certain there is a secretary present to record the minutes
  • state the purpose of the meeting
  • review and agree on the agenda
  • estimate the amount of time to be spent on each item

During the meeting

  • keep the group focused on its purpose
  • monitor the discussion so that everyone has a chance to speak
  • clarify and summarize the discussions, when appropriate
  • assist the group in using appropriate procedures for decision-making, resolving conflict, etc.
  • facilitate the discussion to bring out all sides of an issue
  • move the group toward decisions
  • check for consensus

At the end of the meeting

  • make sure action plans, agreements, commitments and responsibilities are clear
  • announce the date, time, and place of the next meeting
  • identify the purpose of the next meeting and any items that will be on the agenda
  • adjourn the meeting

After the meeting

  • check with the secretary to be sure that the minutes are clear before distributing to members
  • help others carry out the decisions made during the meeting
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