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Donald Young School Renovation


After completion of the Donald Young School new classroom wing in 2017, our attention turned to the remaining gym section with its three classrooms. We have developed a renovation plan to completely renew this section of the building to make it feel new like the other section.

Progress to Date

  • Consultation with school staff for interior detail completed.
  • Consultation with the school community on temporary accommodations and schedule completed.
  • Renovation plans completed.
  • Project was put to tender.
  • Tender was awarded to Manshield Construction.
  • Construction to begin after school is out for the summer.
  • One portable on site. Two more arriving on June 28th.

Looking Forward

  • Portable installation to be completed during the summer.
  • Students displaced due to construction activities will be housed in 3 portables on site until construction completion.
  • Construction completion expected by Christmas 2018.
  • Portables to leave site in spring 2019 for potential use for our Atikokan project.
  • Playground and site plan completion scheduled for summer 2019.

Additional Information