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The Rainy River District School Board posts Tenders and Requests for Proposals under Tenders and Quotations.

Your organization is strongly encouraged to continue reviewing this site for tendering opportunities.

The Rainy River District School Board also utilizes Biddingo.com to manage bid publishing, document distribution, and amendment notification, for all or any tenders, as per the BPS Procurement Guidelines ( http://www.biddingo.com ).

Tenders and Quotations

Invitation to Tender:


Vendor Registration

The Rainy River District School Board has implemented an electronic vendor registration process, whereby vendors will have the opportunity to register their company and products with the Board.

It will be up to you, the vendor, to register your company with us.

The Vendor Registration form can be completed and faxed to (807) 274-5078 or emailed to purchasing@mail.rrdsb.com.

    Vendor Registration Form


Surplus Property for Sale

Surplus Asset Sale


More Information

Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive Questions & Answers