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Special Education Services

Special Education within the Rainy River District School Board endeavors to follow Michael Fullan, Peter Hill and Carmel Crevola's, "Triple P Model for Educational Improvement"

The Triple P Model and Special EducationTriple P Model

Knowing Our Students
Goal Setting/Developing Measurable Objectives

Professional Learning

Collaboration/Staff Development
Triple P Model by Michael Fullan, Peter Hill, Carmen Crevola

Special Education Plan
Special Education Plan Review Survey - Appendix B

Parent Resources

Ministry Guides

Assistive Technology (SEA)

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Individual Evaluation (IEP) Resources

Writing IEP Performance Task

School Resources

Principal's / SERT's IEP Checklist
OSSLT Accommodations Guide

Power Point Presentations:

Community Service Providers

Click on this link to read our Community Service Provider Procedure

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Visit our  Special Education Advisory Committee page.

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