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Character in Action


Young Women's & Young Men's Conferences

The Young Women's and Men's Conferences offer an opportunity to meet new people, to learn about important issues, to reflect on goals and dreams, and to have a great time. Young men and women leave these conferences with a positive view for a hopeful future. For more information, click here.

Student Leadership Council at Fort Frances High School

Drawing students from all aspects of the school, a student leadership team is starting up at Fort Frances High School as a way to co-ordinate the many groups and clubs there.

Guest Speakers

The Rainy River District School Board brings in guest speakers to help bring a personal face to the character traits taught in the Character in Action curriculum.  Examples of those speakers are included below.

During the 2014 - 2015 school year, Spencer West, Motivational Speaker and Author spoke to students throughout the district.  Inspirational and charismatic, Spencer West speaks candidly about the struggles he overcame after losing his legs at the age of five. He speaks about overcoming stereotyping and bullying, about finding meaning and happiness in a material world and how he never lost the hope or courage needed to mount personal obstacles. Infused with humour and humility, his thought-provoking message inspires people to find opportunity in every challenge.

During the 2009-2010 school year, the Rainy River District School Board brought in former NHL superstar Theo Fleury to discuss his ongoing struggle with addiction, the impact of abuse on his life and most importantly, the personal growth he achieved by dealing with his issues.

Holocaust survivor Dr. Eva Olsson taught students unforgettable lessons about the destructive power of hate and indifference. She spoke at Rainy River District Schools in both 2010 and 2011. Her message was clear, when left unchecked, hate can be destructive, and that everyone, no matter how young, must be responsible for their own actions, because every action has a reaction. She spoke about the holocaust being a product of the hateful ideology of the Nazis. This ideology took hold because far too many people were bystanders, who failed to stand up against it. As a result, millions of Jews in Europe were murdered during the Second World War.

Dr. Olsson has spoken at schools 2,600 times over the years. She speaks to keep her family spirit alive (many of them were murdered in the holocaust) and also for all of the others whose voices were silenced by hate.

p.a.r.t.y. program

What is it?
The Party Program is a workshop in which students experience the hardships and difficulties of being injured. They learn what happens when you are treated in the Emergency Room using hands on activities, experience what eating is like with a disability, and visit the morgue.

Where is it?
The Party Program takes place inside La Verendrye Hospital on the water front in Fort Frances.

Why is it run?
It is run to educate students about the dangers and consequences of making unsafe choices and to assist in preventing students from making poor choices that may result in injuries.


We Day

we day logo


Watching the webcast as a class, group or school is the perfect way to explore a variety of social justice issues and give students the chance to be part of the We Day spirit, no matter where. You can share in the energy of We Day by bringing together hundreds of students in a cafeteria or gym, or create an engaging setting in a classroom, library or any space with an internet connection.

Being a part of We Day through the webcast allows groups to weave activities and discussions throughout the show to enhance the educational experience of the event. Students will hear, in real time, the stories of world leaders, inspiring figures and uplifting performers. They will also be exposed to new ideas and issues in an engaging format designed just for them. Students in schools around the world will see that they are not alone in their dreams and efforts to make the world a better place.

The webcast is only available during the live event. Please see the We Day calendar of events for dates. Visit weday.com for updates and event webcast schedules.

A number of Rainy River District School Board high school students have participated in We Day events in Winnipeg and Minneapolis over the years.