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Atikokan K-12, Daycare and Child and Family Centre


The RRDSB applied for Capital Priorities funding for a K-12 School in Atikokan at the conclusion of the Accommodation Review Process that was conducted in September of 2018. With this application, a joint proposal between the RRDSB and RRDSSAB for funding to construct a new daycare and child and family centre was included.

In January 2018, it was announced that the RRDSB was awarded $19.7M in Capital Priorities funding to move forward with our Atikokan K-12 School as well as $2.6M to construct a 39 place daycare (15 toddler, 24 preschool) and $0.8M for a Child and Family Centre on our existing Atikokan High School site.

Press release (Jan. 17, 2018) - Mauro Announces Ontario Bringing New School to Atikokan

Progress to Date

  • Administration has been working on a plan to effectively manage this very large project.
  • A Vendor of Record for Architectural Services process was completed in March 2018 to renew our list of approved Architectural firms.
  • Administration issued a Request for Proposal for Project Management services with this RFP closing on the 26th of April.
  • Administration is also issuing a Job Posting to hire a Lead for Capital Projects as an alternative for contracted Project Management services.
  • Administration is currently reviewing their options to manage the project.

Looking Forward

  • An RFP for Architectural Services for this project will be issued in early May 2018 and close in early June 2018.
  • A decision on our Project Management Strategy will be finalized late May 2018.
  • A Building Committee will be formed in late May utilizing school staff, administration, trustee and other community stakeholders.
  • We are looking to have our first building committee meeting with the Architect and Project Manager before the end of June.
  • The Architect will spend the summer developing the Schematic Design.
  • The Building Committee will review the Schematic Design at the beginning of the new School Year.
  • The Phasing and temporary student accommodation plan will be issued for public consultation.
  • The Phasing and temporary student accommodation plan will be finalized by end of October 2018.
  • The Architect will move into the detail design phase.
  • Construction documents to be ready for February 2019 with a tender being issued at that time.
  • Board approval of a the tender results March/April 2019.
  • Contractor mobilizing on site shortly after with our Phasing plan kicking in at this time.
  • Construction to progress over the next year with selective demotion and construction. All phasing aspects to be determined.

Additional Information

  • Site plan used for our funding application.
    Please note that the details shown may change as the design process progresses. The end product however, will utilize the existing Large Gym and shop wing with new construction linking these structures. The school will also have an additional gym space in the shop wing area. This is instead of large sports field as the existing field was deemed to be sufficient.
  • Project Update - February 2018