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Young Men & Young Women's Conference

Young Women's Conference & Young Men's Challenge

These annual overnight gatherings take place under the supervision of trained instructors and School Board personnel, providing students with the opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills, and develop long-lasting memories.

 2013 news article highlighting the conferences

The Young Women’s Conference, launched in spring 2000, invites female students from across the District in Grades 7-12 to participate in a number of fun and educational workshops and activities that promote wellness, kindness and positive self-esteem. In addition, young women in Grades 10-12 serve as mentors, allowing them to further develop leadership skills. It provides opportunities for students to expand their peer groups and explore topics such as peer pressure, positive body image, media influences, and more. The ultimate goal of this conference is to support young women with information and a positive view for a hopeful future.

Young Women's Conference:

Highlights from Previous Conferences:

2009 (PowerPoint) (pdf)

Young Men's Conference

The Young Men’s Challenge originated in 2010.  In 2014, the Challenge was moved from Mink Lake in Atikokan to Sunny Cove Camp in Fort Frances.  The YMC also moved from a spring time event to a fall event.  The purpose of the Challenge is to work with selected individuals from Grade 8 classes throughout the School Board and mentors from our 3 high schools.  One of our main goals is to help the Grade 8 boys’ transition into the secondary school setting. 

Once the students arrive at camp they are divided into teams that will compete in various activities over two days.  Some of these activities include a GPS Scavenger Hunt, a Ministry of Natural Resources lead tree species identification, fish cleaning demonstrations and exercises, guest speakers such as the Ontario Public Police Emergency Response Team, and various other games and activities that are not only fun and entertaining but educational as well.  This event provides Grade 8 boys with the opportunity to ask their mentors questions about high school, and to form new bonds and friendships with students from across the School Board.