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Parent Involvement Committee

One of the most effective and rewarding ways that parents can become involved in their children's learning is through active involvement in their school council. You will have the opportunity to voice your opinions on school issues and decisions on behalf of parents and community members in your school community.
Research shows that parental involvement is the most significant factor contributing to a child's success in school. Their active participation in school activities improves student achievement, increases school attendance and decreases student dropout. Students succeed when parents have a positive attitude about the importance of a good education.

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2016-2017 Parent Involvement Committee Members

Alicia Gattoni  - Co-Chair & Parent Representative, Crossroads School Council Representative
Angela Siemens - Co-Chair & Community Representative, Zaagi-idiwin Aboriginal Head Start Program
Ralph Hill - Trustee Representative
Lonna Oster - Parent & Community Representative, J.W. Walker School, Northwestern Health Unit, North Words
Angela Mainville - Community Representative, Seven Generations Education Institute
Kari-Lynn Beckett - Elementary School Teacher Representative
Kirsty Sinclair - Parent Representative, Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program
Leslie Danielson- Parent Representative, Fort Frances High School
Elaine Fischer - Parent Representative, Robert Moore School
Mellisa Gallagher - Parent Representative, North Star Community School
John Fuhrer - Parent Representative - Donald Young School
Debbie Spence - Parent Representative - Riverview School
Kasey Beaushene - Parent Representative - Nestor Falls School
Heather Campbell - Director of Education
Kendall Olsen - Principal, Riverview School

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