Rainy River District School Board

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Strategic Plan

As the governing body of the Rainy River District School Board, trustees are required to establish an annual Multi-Year Plan or Strategic Plan to guide system direction for a five-year period. The Strategic Plan is a reflection of emergent priorities identified by our educational communities. Through this Plan, the Board aims to enhance student achievement and well being, delivery of effective and sustainable educational programs and stewardship of resources. The Board is committed to continuous improvement and feedback from all members of the community. The Strategic Plan is a living document reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees.

Annually, administration outlines the specific areas of focus to support the goals of the Strategic Plan through the Annual Operational Plan . This plan encompasses the work of schools and departments in support of the Strategic Plan.

The Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement or BIPSA provides a framework for schools' Improvement Plans in support of improving student achievement and well-being. In the Rainy River District School Board, schools work to enhance student well-being through the Community, Culture, and Caring goal(s) which focus on school climate and providing supports and pathways for students to graduate, and to improve literacy and numeracy achievement.