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RRDSB Emergency Response Definitions

RRDSB Emergency Response Definitions
Posted on 02/23/2024
Emergency response RRDSB Emergency Procedures

The Rainy River District School Board has created district-wide emergency response procedures to address various threats through awareness, preparedness, and collaboration.
In every emergency or crisis scenario, the safety and well-being of the children are our top priorities. Working closely with the district police department and local first responders ensures that our emergency plan is always ready for action.
To keep everyone prepared, we have set up training and response guidelines for emergencies. Regular practice drills are carried out to ensure that both students and staff are well-versed in crisis procedures.
This infographic is designed to offer parents and guardians definitions and explanations of the routine practice drills conducted in our schools.

In Case of an Emergency
During emergencies, it is crucial for parents to follow the guidance given by the Board, as student safety is our top priority when making decisions in critical situations.
If an emergency happens during school hours, RRDSB and your school will take necessary steps to communicate effectively with all involved parties, ensuring the safety of our students and staff. This will involve providing updates through school messaging systems, social media, and/or local media channels to keep everyone informed. And to prevent cellular service overload during emergencies, families are kindly asked to refrain from calling or texting.
To maintain privacy and security, we refrain from sharing specific details about our emergency protocol to prevent any misuse. In case of a crisis, only authorized emergency personnel will be granted access to the campus. Therefore, we kindly request that families avoid visiting the school during emergency situations.

You can access our Emergency Response Communications Protocol by clicking here.
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