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Information Technology Services

Teachers will be empowered to provide state of the art information technology skills to students.

In the Rainy River District School Board:

  • Information technology will be integrated as a tool in all subject areas.
  • All students will be provided with opportunities to use computer applications to produce sophisticated results. ie. word processors, spreadsheets, databases
  • Students, teachers, and administrators will efficiently access, manipulate and distil vast amounts of information through the use of digital communication technology.
  • Students and teachers will use digital communications to find real audiences for their work.
  • Teachers will use technology to be more efficient and effective and to enhance the instruction and learning of their students.

Contact us:
Hotline: 275-4995
Fax: 274-5078

Manager of Information Technology Services:
Stephen Danielson, 274-9855 ext 4990

Assistant Manager of Information Technology Services:
William Sixsmith, 274-9855 ext 5404