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Student Leadership

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The Rainy River District School Board recognizes the benefits of student leadership to students, schools, and the system. When students play an active role in the day to day life of the Board, and in educational planning, this important voice informs the decision-making process.

The Student Senate is a committee of students responsible for soliciting, gathering and collating information from secondary school students throughout the jurisdiction of the Board to determine student issues, priorities, and concerns. The Student Senate consists of two representatives from each secondary school. To qualify for the position of student government leader, a student must be registered full time at a Board secondary school and be at least 14 years of age and no more than 21 years of age during the term. Each secondary school has a process for selecting its Student Senate representative.

The Student Senate …

  • allows all schools to have activities shared and recognized in a Board setting
  • aids in development of Student Councils/Committees at schools
  • encourages the sharing of ideas and the development of collaborative planning/problem-solving skills
  • helps student leaders further to develop leadership skills
  • allows for effective and appropriate representation of students at the Board level
  • acts as a conduit between students and the Student Trustee, in cooperation with the Director of Education, regarding initiatives and policies
  • develops ideas and plans activities to promote student well-being across the Board.

For information, please contact your Principal.

In addition, each secondary school has a Student Leadership Council which brings together student representatives from across the school to enrich the school experience for all students within that school.

Student leadership is seen in other forms throughout the system, through school GSAs, clubs, extra-curriculars, and annual system events such as the Young Women's Conference and the Challenge. Involving students in the educational decision-making process is important to the Rainy River District School Board.

Student Senate Minutes of Meeting

Student Trustee

  Lemuel Carradice (term: 2017-18)
Student Trustee
Area Served:
Lemuel Carradice attends Rainy River High School and represents all Rainy River District School Board students.

The Student Trustee is an elected position, with the annual representative rotating among the three high schools of the Board. The Student Trustee participates in public School Board meetings, represents student opinions at the Board level, and participates in Board committees. The duties of Student Trustee include:

  • attending School Board meetings
  • be knowledgeable about and willing to comply with Board policies and procedures
  • serve as student liaison representatives between the Board and the Student Senate
  • consult with and keep the Student Senate informed about Board issues of interest and concern to students
  • represent the views of the Student Senate at Board discussions

The student must be a senior, full-time student at the school designated to provide a Student Trustee for that year. For students who are interested in becoming student trustee, the application form can be found here: Student Trustee Application Form