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Other Ways to Help

Other ways for parents to help their children with French

  • Choose a favourite movie (DVD format) and watch it with French audio (and English subtitles) for 15 - 20 min. You can also tune in a French channel on TV and watch part of a French cartoon.
  • Check out the Student Links page and try some of the websites listed there.
  • Purchase some French music for children. Some popular French singers for FSL are Charlotte Diamond, Matt Maxwell, Jacquot, √Čtienne, Suzanne Pinel, Gregg LeRock and Carmen Campagne - just to name a few.
  • Have your child practice with an older sibling (numbers are something that many students need practice with).
  • If they have to study for a test you can say the English and have your child write down the French and then check their work.
  • Get a high school student to volunteer some time to help - some of them need the volunteer hours.