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Matt Armstrong, Purchasing Clerk, is available to provide advice and support to staff, schools, and departments within the Rainy River District School Board to ensure the cost-effective procurement of goods and/or services, in a timely fashion and at an acceptable level of quality to support the activities of the Board. Visit here to find out more about How to Purchase Goods or Services.

Purchasing Policy
Purchasing Procedure (under review)

Your Guide to Purchasing Brochure

Flow Charts:
 - Formal Competitive
 - Formal Invitational
 - Informal Invitational

Matt is available to:

  • Facilitate and manage the competitive bid process
  • Develop, review, manage and administer contracts
  • Process and expedite orders for all goods and services
  • Sourcing and market research
  • Vendor relationships
  • Participate in cooperative and consortium purchasing initiatives
  • Obtain maximum value through innovative buying and application of other purchasing strategies