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Rainy River District School Board believes that the health and well-being of its staff is of utmost importance and strives to provide a workplace environment that fosters health and wellness among its employees. Only an engaged and resilient staff will be able to deliver and support the quality education that our students deserve. As such, a Board-wide Committee was established in February 2017 to develop a plan to support employee well-being.  Workplace Wellness is comprised of three areas – individual lifestyle practices, workplace environment, and health, safety and prevention – all interrelated and all working together to support the well-being of staff. The Well-Being Committee aims to support staff and encourage them in ensuring that their self-care is a priority.


Success Stories

"I use my afternoon coffee breaks
to get outside and go for a brisk 

-Cindy H

Wellness Incentive  

  Health and Safety

Committee Members:
Meeting Minutes
Annual Plan
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Greg McKay
Heather Schram
Shane Bliss
Cecilia Stewart
Shawnee Guimond
Shari Reynolds 
Dana George
Rebecca Tolen
Kevin Knutsen
Heather Campbell
Mike McInerney
Mary Jarvis
Wendy Orchard
Brooke Caul
Matthew Kaun
Mental Health Champions

The Mental Health Champion role is a voluntary position held by one or more staff members of each school across the Rainy River District School Board. Mental Health Champions work to promote student mental health and well-being in their school communities, take part in professional development opportunities related to student wellness, and liaise with school administration and the mental health leader.

Lana Puumala 
Julie Ferguson
Marlys Morden
Jessica Sweigard
Jean Hebert

Shar Gilbert 
Maureen Hayward
Jillian Kaun 
Tamara McLean 
Lisa Ruppenstein
Amber Hughes 
Priscilla Miller
Kim Walter
Kerri Loughrey
Lee-Anne Hines
Mara Whitfield 
Brenda Jodoin
Kelly Agar
Georgina Jarvis
Hillary Nordberg