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Hockey Canada Skills Academy

May 31 (All day)

Fort Frances High School is pleased to offer the Hockey Canada Skills Academy for Intermediate students this fall. The Fort Frances High School Hockey Canada Skills Academy is accredited by Hockey Canada. The framework of the program is consistent with the standards for development set by Hockey Canada. As well, it is in full compliance with the Ministry of Education provincial learning outcomes for physical education.

What is a Hockey Academy?

A hockey academy is a program that allows students/young hockey players to engage in hockey training during school hours. The goal is to enhance a student-player’s confidence, individual playing skills, self-esteem and opportunities in both academics and athletics.

Who can take part?

•Fort Frances High School's hockey academy is open to Grade 7/8 students that are registered to attend Fort Frances High School for the 2018-19 school year. Students that are currently in Grade 7 at FFHS and students in grade 6 at J.W. Walker school will be given preference.
•Any student regardless of hockey skill level may register in a HCSA.
•Any student regardless of family income status may register.
•The school or school board establishes and monitors student behaviour expectations and sets the standard for student participation.

Program philosophy

•Must be sanctioned for operation by Hockey Canada.
•Designed to complement/enhance skill development opportunities within the current Hockey Canada branches and their minor hockey associations.
•Accessible to male and female students of all ages and all skill levels who may or may not be registered in the local minor hockey association.
•Partner with the school system to support individual skill development and academic achievement.
•Ensure student access by providing aid to participants where required.
•Create an environment that is exclusive to individual student development.


FFHS instructors have attended the HCSA summer institute and will undergo annual professional development through the HCSA training program.

HCSA Curriculum

•A HCSA National curriculum framework as set out by Hockey Canada.
•A HCSA on-ice curriculum framework focusing on individual offensive skills and situational play.
•A HCSA off-ice curriculum framework focusing on body coordination and skill development.
•A HCSA instructional curriculum framework supported by skill development guides and instructional videos as developed by Hockey Canada.

What HCSA Academy will look like at FFHS

•2 one hour on-ice sessions per week
•1 one hour off-ice session per week
•Students taking part in the HCSA will be assessed under the Grade 7/8 Health and Physical Education Curriculum


• increase in training time by maximizing arena availability during school hours
• enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development
• enhancement of academic achievement through the motivation of establishing a balance of both academics and athletics within the school system
• would assist in equalizing the development opportunity for:
  - players born late in the year
  - late bloomers
  - late starters
  - late maturity
  - male and female player development


•All students registered in the HCSA will be required to pay a user fee that will help cover the cost of ice rental, bussing and HCSA registration fees
•The cost of the program will be subsidized at the school and board level
•The final fee amount will be set after determining the interest in the program.

Registration process

•Complete a HCSA registration form if you are a student currently enrolled at Fort Frances High School or J.W. Walker School
HCSA registration form
•Complete a school registration form and a HCSA registration form if you are not currently registered at Fort Frances High School or J.W. Walker School
•Submit the registration form and $100 (refundable) to FFHS no later than May 31, 2018
•Applications for the HCSA will be accepted on a first come, first-serve basis.
•Final decisions on acceptance will reside with the school principal