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Students learn about unsafe driving behaviours

Students at Rainy River, Fort Frances, and Atikokan High Schools participated in the Sweet Life Road Show this week -- a hands-on interactive experience that raises teens’ awareness about the deadliest road risks, and shows them simple strategies to stay safe. It uses methods such as computer gaming and peer theatre to go beyond driver education classes and teach beginner drivers to make safe and strategic decisions. Students were divided into small groups and circulated around 10 stations to learn about a variety of topics, including sharing the road with trucks. Using a real transport truck, students learned how to act and proceed around larger vehicles, taking note of the many blindspots truck drivers face while on the road. Students also learned about dealing with distractions while driving, what to say when a friend is driving recklessly, dealing with roadside emergencies, how to deal with becoming drowsy while driving, why marijuana and driving don’t mix, and much more. The goal of the presentation was to educate teens about unsafe driving behaviours and help them develop workable plans to minimize their chances of a fatal collision.