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Public Library and eBook Initiative

This project provides full library access to all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students of the Rainy River District. If you live in an area that normally has to pay to use your library, your child can get a student membership at no cost. Participating libraries of the Rainy River District Library Cooperative include the Atikokan Public Library, Emo Public Library, and Fort Frances Public Library Technology Centre. Kindergarten-12 schools include students of the Rainy River District School Board, Northwest Catholic District School Board, and Seven Generations Education Institute.

The project is a result of the Rainy River District School Board’s school library reinvestment by trustees, which included $30,000 for ebooks. After many months of planning, the District Library Cooperative was formed to partner with District school boards. There was a common goal, to enrich the lives of young people. The libraries combined their ebook resources and received funding from the school boards and education institute. As a result, students are now able to access a vast and varied collection of ebooks. The ebooks and all other library resources are available for classroom learning and for use at home. All Kindergarten-12 students are invited and encouraged to explore the libraries’ collections for information, research or fun.

As a further enhancement, all students of the Rainy River District School Board have been signed up for a library membership. Their library card number has been integrated with their student number, so they can login with their student number and password to receive instant access to ebooks. Providing proper parental signatures, students can receive their library card at the nearest participating library to check out physical resources.

If you require more information, please contact your child’s school principal or your public library.

How to access eBooks?

Students will have access to eBooks by clicking this link (http://videos.rrdsb.com/library).

  1. If you are signed into a computer on the RRDSB network, you will be auto-logged in
  2. If you are visiting the site from a computer outside our network, you will be prompted to enter you student number and password
  3. Browse or Search for a book title
  4. Hover your mouse over the Book Cover and click Borrow
  5. Go to BookShelf
  6. Click the Read (in your browser) button

More help and additional options with personal devices is available here: http://help.overdrive.com/