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Posted on: Feb 23 2:29pm
Grade 4/5 students from Robert Moore School visited the Fort Frances Museum to take in the Freemasonry exhibit this morning. Led by Lauren Hyatt, the students also participated in some activities to teach them about Masonry. Ms. Hyatt will also visit the school next week to do a follow up lesson, including working on drama skits with the students.
Posted on: Feb 22 10:58am
Students took a stand against bullying as they celebrated Pink Shirt Day on Feb. 22 by wearing pink and participating in anti-bullying activities.
Posted on: Feb 17 2:05pm
For the first time in more than 20 years, Rainy River High School has a band class, with students choosing an instrument to learn to play.
Posted on: Feb 17 12:44pm
Grade 7-12 RRDSB students, representing schools from Rainy River to Atikokan, offered up their ideas during a strategic planning session on Feb. 14. Facilitated by Marilyn Gouthro, it was the first time students have had a chance to provide input to trustees and senior administration for the Board's strategic plan.
Posted on: Feb 7 12:03pm
The Rainy River District School Board is pleased to announce it has enhanced its Public Library and eBook Initiative for all Kindergarten to Grade 12 students of the Board. The Board has streamlined the process by signing up all of its students.
Posted on: Feb 7 11:31am
Westend Weekly reporter, Melissa Friesen, shares her experience of her recent visit to the kindergarten classroom at Sturgeon Creek School.
Posted on: Feb 7 11:24am
Schools across the Rainy River District School Board celebrated Family Literacy Day on January 26, 2017. Riverview School, in particular, offered a variety of literacy-based activities for students to participate in.
Posted on: Jan 31 9:37am
Mine Centre School shares the benefits of an outdoor classroom.
Posted on: Jan 31 9:35am
Rainy River District School Board teachers share the importance of teaching spatial reasoning to students.
Posted on: Dec 7 11:06am
The Rainy River District School Board is pleased to announce that elections for the office of Chair and Vice Chair were held at the Board Meeting on December 6, 2016 in Fort Frances.