Rainy River District School Board

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Posted on: Apr 15 11:33am
Why does it matter to me if a boy wants to wear a skirt? What does it have to do with me if a girl falls in love with another girl?
Posted on: Apr 13 12:28pm
The Student Leadership Council (SLC) at fort High has plenty of events prepared for April.
Posted on: Apr 8 3:22pm
A new attendance zone for two west-end schools was approved by the Rainy River District School Board at its regular meeting here last night.
Posted on: Apr 8 3:20pm
Math, science, and English may be important, but a new class at Fort High is teaching students valuable outdoor skills.
Posted on: Apr 8 3:19pm
Four members of the “First Responders” at Fort Frances High School recently had the chance to receive some hands-on learning outside their typical classroom environment.
Posted on: Apr 8 12:25pm
The April 7, 2015 Board Meeting of the Rainy River District School Board was held at the Education Centre in Fort Frances.
Posted on: Apr 7 12:57pm
The Rainy River District School Board is committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all of its students.
Posted on: Apr 2 11:42am
Hands-on learning was the order of the day on March 24, 2015 as North Star School went all-in on its first Festival du Voyageur, a celebration of Métis culture.
Posted on: Mar 31 12:23pm
The walls may not have ears–but one certainly is alive at Fort Frances High School.
Posted on: Mar 26 2:34pm
The Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA) views today's Grants for Student Needs (GSN) announcement as evidence of the provincial government's continued commitment to the value of a strong publicly funded education system.