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Director's Office

Providing communication support for schools, including media liaison, the office of the Director coordinates communications with the system and the public. Assisting the Board of Trustees, the Director's Office prepares and distributes Board documents. It is also responsible for system planning, policy development and revision, and student and staff recognition.

Heather Campbell, Director of Education
Marni McDonald,  Executive Assistant to the Director of Education
Heather Latter, Community Outreach Officer

Superintendents' Office - Early Years to Grade 12 - School Effectiveness and Student Success for all schools within the District

Responsible for coordinating curriculum delivery and assessment for all students, Early Years to Grade 12, the Superintendents' Office establishes curriculum and instructional priorities in response to Ministry and Board initiatives and supports teachers and administrators with the implementation of these programs in schools. In addition, this office coordinates provincial assessment and reporting, safe schools and equity and inclusive education, transitions from Early Years to post-secondary and the world of work, regional activities and initiatives for special projects and oversees School Support Services for students and staff.

Al McManaman, Superintendent of Education 
Elizabeth Fairfield, Superintendent of Education 
Casey Bye, Executive Assistant 

Finance Department

The Finance Department develops and implements a system-wide financial plan and provides leadership to ensure the effective and efficient utilization of all Board resources. The Department prepares the annual budget and financial statements, as well as the general legislative grants and estimates, and is responsible for the areas of payroll, purchasing, payables, receivables, dispatch, community use of schools and facility partnerships and privacy information management.

Meghan Cox, Superintendent of Business
Jono Irwin, Assistant Manager of Financial Services
Sydney Trimble, Finance Officer
Tracy Grennier, Executive Assistant

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department assists with employee recruitment / selection, and is responsible for all aspects of labor relations, including the renewal and maintenance of all collective agreements and terms and conditions of employment. In addition, the Human Resources Department serves all employees by answering questions related to their employment like benefits, pensions and the retirement process.

Kevin Knutsen, Executive Officer of Employee and Labour Relations
Emily Martin, Assistant Manager Human Resources
Alexandra Kozlowski, Employee Relations & Wellness Consultant
Stefanie Berard, Human Resources Coordinator
Rylee Halverson, Human Resources Coordinator (on leave)
Marty Nelson, Human Resources Coordinator

Information Technology Services Department

The Information Technology Department provides technology support for students and staff. The Department co-ordinates, supervises, and procures all hardware and software activities, manages the development and application of operational standards for information systems, researches and develops new relevant technologies oversees the development and implementation of appropriate standards, procedures, measures and controls for information systems in specified technical areas ensuring cost-effective, best practice technologies.

Stephen Danielson, Manager of Information Technology Services
William Sixsmith, Assistant Manager of Information Technology Services

School Support Services and Special Education Services

The School Support Services Department consists of staff members that work to support the needs of all learners, both students and staff from a K-12 perspective. We provide Professional Development to staff, classroom coaching, support for At-Risk students as well as a timely electronic "Request for Service" referral system. Literacy, Numeracy and Technology support and Early Years and Indigenous Education programming are areas of focus within School Support Services.

As part of School Support Services, Special Education Services within the Rainy River District School Board focuses on a Learning for All model where individual student needs are identified and thoughtfully considered through programming designed to support all learners. Supports and information for schools, parents, stakeholders and staff are available through the Special Education Services webpage or through the Special Education Coordinator's office.

Heather Bridgeman, Special Education Administrator/Vice-Principal School Support Services
Kim Kirk, Indigenous Education Lead/Vice-Principal School Support Services


The Transportation Department webpage provides access to up-to-date information about our bus delays/cancelations, policies, procedures, guidelines and safety regarding our student bus services.

Plant Operations and Maintenance Department

Responsible for the total physical aspects of all Rainy River District School Board buildings and properties, the Plant Operations and Maintenance Department is responsible for custodial services, facility design and construction, maintenance services, waste reduction and energy conservation, and property and planning services, operating and the repair of the facilities and properties under the jurisdiction of the Rainy River District School Board.

Travis Enge, Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Peter Gardiman, Assistant Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Tracy Grennier, Executive Assistant

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