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Facility Partnerships

What is a Facility Partnership?

Based on Ministry of Education guidelines, the Rainy River District School Board supports the Ministry of Education’s Facility Partnership initiative. This initiative encourages school boards to work with community partners to share facilities.

The Rainy River District School Board will post to its website information regarding any intention to build new schools or undertake significant renovations and the availability of space in existing schools to provide an opportunity for entities that provide services and programs for children, their families and the broader community to express interest in sharing facilities with the School Board.

A Facility Partnership is an opportunity to:

  • Create strong ties between education and the community through mutually respectful relationships
  • Explore opportunities to maximize school efficiency and viability
  • Effectively utilize excess space within schools
  • Reduce costs through shared usage of space

Criteria for Partnerships:

  • The partnership must have value to the student.
  • Health and safety of students must be protected.
  • Partnership must be appropriate for the school setting.
  • Partnerships must not compromise the Board’s student achievement strategy.
  • Partnerships must be in compliance with local by-laws.
  • Partnerships may be profit or non-profit entities.
  • Entities that provide competing education services such as tutoring services, JK-12 private schools or private colleges, and credit offering entities that are not government funded, are not eligible partners.

Stages of Partnership Development:

Stage of Partnersip Development

How do I express interest in a Facility Partnership?

Complete the Facility Partnership Application of Interest form and submit it to the Community Use Coordinator. The Board will determine if the partner meets the eligibility criteria.

The eligible partner will be invited to submit the Detailed Project Proposal form to the Board for review.

For more information or to address questions, contact:

Tracy Grennier,
Community Use Coordinator
[email protected]
Telephone: (807) 274-9855 ext. 4979; Toll Free 1-800-214-1753

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