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Steps to Resolve a Concern


The Board believes that individual questions, concerns, and complaints are resolved most effectively through direct communication with those closest to the point of concern.

Parent/Guardian Concern Resolution Processes

Responding to Concerns – from Policy 2.07, Responding to Concerns

Step 1- Teacher
Where a parent/guardian has a concern about their child’s classroom or program, they should address the concern with the child’s teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Step 2- Principal/Supervisor
If the parent/guardian and the teacher are not able to resolve the concern, the concern shall be discussed with the school principal or designate. Concerns regarding instructional materials should begin with the school principal.

Step 3- School Supervisor
If the concern is still unresolved, the parent/guardian shall contact the school superintendent.

Step 4- Director
If the concern is not settled at the Superintendent's level, the parent/guardian shall contact the Director of Education.

Trustees are advocates of the system and the process to resolve concerns. Parents and guardians may contact trustees at any time, and trustees will assist by directing the individual to the appropriate staff member.

School councils are advocates of the schools and advise principals on matters such as the school curriculum and code of conduct. School councils will not act or advise on individual parent/guardian-teacher-student issues, and instead will refer these matters to the school principal.

Suspension Appeals – as per Policy 4.16, Safe Schools
Where a student’s parent/guardian disagrees with the decision of a principal to suspend the student that student’s parent/guardian may appeal the principal’s decision to suspend, in accordance with the Human Rights Code, the Board’s Student Discipline Procedure, specifically, Suspension Appeal Guidelines.

Where a student, if 18 or older or 16 or 17 and has removed him/herself from parental control, disagrees with a principal’s decision to suspend him or her, the student may appeal the principal’s decision to suspend, in accordance with the Human Rights Code, the Board’s Student Discipline Procedure, specifically, Suspension Appeal Guidelines.

Transportation Concerns
If you have a concern about bussing, please contact the Rainy River District Transportation Services Consortium.

Special Education programming appeals – as per Ontario Regulation 181/98
If you have concerns with respect to your child's programming and supports, please contact your child's principal.

Useful Resources:
Shared Solutions /UserFiles/Servers/Server_73620/File/Our Board/Contact Us/Who to Contact/SharedSolutions.pdf

Employee Concern Resolution Processes

Employees are encouraged to discuss with their immediate supervisor (assistant manager/manager, principal/vice principal) with respect to any work-related concerns. If this step does not resolve the concern, employees are encouraged to discuss the concern with the supervisory officer that oversees that department/school of the Board.

Unionized employees can access the grievance procedure for any concerns related to the application of the collective agreement, which includes working conditions, discipline, harassment, duty to accommodate, hiring processes, granting of leaves, etc. An employee who suffers adverse pay consequences due to inclement weather can appeal the decision as per Procedure 3.20 Inclement Weather - Staff, section 5:

Concerns regarding Pay Equity can be appealed through the employee’s union and the Pay Equity Commission as per Pay Equity Act of Ontario: http://www.payequity.gov.on.ca/EN/Pages/default.aspx

WSIB claim appeals are per the WSIB Act: http://www.wsib.on.ca/

Employee health and safety concerns are per the Ontario Occupation Health and Safety Act
Concerns are to be brought to the attention of the supervisor. As well, employees shall report to his or her employer or supervisor the absence of or defect in any equipment or protective device of which the worker is aware and which may endanger himself, herself or another worker, and report to his or her employer or supervisor any contravention of this Ontario Occupation Health and Safety Act or the regulations, or the existence of any hazard of which he or she knows as per the Act. Employees who have concerns in the workplace may also contact the Ministry of Labor to file a complaint.

Work refusals are handled as per Procedure 7.77, Workplace Refusal, in accordance with the Ontario Occupation Health and Safety Act.

Other RRDSB Concern Resolution Processes

Delegations to the Board – as per Board Bylaw, Appendix F
The Board of Trustees will hear concerns if within their purview.  Persons desiring to appear before the Board shall be permitted to do so if it is a matter within the Board’s jurisdiction.   Operational matters (e.g., extra-curriculars, staffing) should be directed to the source of the concern, following the steps to resolve a concern as outlined above.  

Concerns regarding employee conduct – as per Employee Code of Conduct Policy 3.86
Guideline 8.0 of the policy discusses reporting of possible employee code of conduct issues

Concerns regarding Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy – as per Policy 2.80
You have the right to appeal any decision made by a government organization in regard to your request for access to information. An appeal must be made within 30 days of the government organization making its decision. To appeal, write a letter to the Registrar at the IPC, describing why you are not satisfied with the government organization's decision. For more information on how to file an appeal, please refer to Ontario's Information and Privacy Commission website.

For further information, please see Policy 2.80 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy.

Vendor Concern Process – as per Procedure 8.09
Please see Procurement Procedure
Appendices A, B, and C of this procedure relate to dispute resolution, specifically:
Appendix A - Bidder Debriefing Process
Appendix B - Bidder Protest Procedure
Appendix C - Supplier Disqualification Process

Student Accommodation Decision Appeal Process
A review of a school board’s accommodation review process may be sought through the following process found on the Ministry of Education’s website: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/policyfunding/faqPupil.html

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