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Plant Operations & Maintenance

Master Facility Plan

View the Master Facility Plan (PDF).

Facility Partnerships

Based on Ministry of Education guidelines and according to Policy 6.05 – “Facility Partnerships”, the Rainy River District School Board supports the Ministry of Education’s Facility Partnership initiative. This initiative encourages school boards to work with community partners to share facilities. For more information, visit the RRDSB Facility Partnerships web page.

Capital Projects

Visit our Capital Projects page to read the latest newsletter and view information on our current projects.

Safe Drinking Water in Schools

Drinking Water Systems
The Rainy River District School Board has five (5) schools that get their drinking water from wells. All of our other schools are on municipal water systems. The Province's Drinking Water Systems Regulation, Ontario Regulation 170/03, requires us to test the water at these schools regularly and provide annual reports. These reports cover all aspects of the drinking water system and include information on the performance, operation, and test results. The regular testing helps ensure that the water supply in our schools continues to be safe and of a high quality.

Bacteriological Testing Results
View the Bacteriological testing results for each school.

Nitrate/Nitrite Testing Results
View the Nitrate/Nitrite testing results for each school.

Schedule 23 (Inorganic) and Schedule 24 (Organic) Testing Results
View the Inorganic/Organic testing results for each school.

Adverse Water Quality Incidents
View the Adverse Water Quality Incidents results for each school.

Annual Drinking Water Reports
View the Annual Drinking Water Reports for each school.

Engineering Evaluation Reports
View the Engineering Evaluation Reports for each school.

Safe Drinking Water in Child Care Centres and Schools
Since 2007, the Ontario government has been requiring child care centres and schools to flush the plumbing in their facilities and test their drinking water for lead. New amendments to Ontario Regulation 243/07 that take effect July 1, 2017 will now require lead testing within these facilities for all fixtures used to provide drinking water and/or prepare food or drink for children under 18.

Lead Flushing Records
View the monthly Lead Flushing Records for each school.

Lead Exceedance Reports
View the Lead Exceedance Reports for each school.

Lead Testing Reports
View the annual Lead Testing Results for each schools.

Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

Emissions Reporting 2022

Conservation and Demand Management Plan

2022-2023 Annual Energy Report

RRDSB - ANNUAL ENE Report 2022-2023

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