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Character in Action

The Rainy River District School Board supports character education in all of its schools and identifies the priority to enhance a safe learning and teaching environment. It is a key part of our Equity and Inclusive Education initiative. Initially, the Anti-Bullying Curriculum was developed to address this one key issue - a safe learning and teaching environment. The new Character in Action program aligns with the Ministry of Education's directives and focuses on the empowerment of all stakeholders in fostering the democratic ideals of citizenship, justice, thoughtful decision-making, and enhanced quality of life.


Children Walking The practice and application among our students and staff in following the character attributes - Respect, Initiative, Courage, Compassion, Optimism, Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, Perseverance, and Responsibility - maximizes opportunities to learn. Correspondingly, the First Nations' teachings that address body, mind and spirit development and well-being by encompassing the Seven Grandfather Teachings of love, respect, humility, bravery, honesty, truth and wisdom are valued and acknowledged within the character attributes.

Character education at the secondary level has focused on building on the strengths of individuals to make our community stronger. The integration of all the Character In Action attributes are being developed through the secondary Grades 9-12 English curriculum. Students are taught about respect through the Grade 9 Anti-Bullying program within the Grade 9 health unit.

Character Calendar

Schools engage in actions that focus on and support character development with a monthly theme outlined in the Character Calendar. Visit our Character Calendar page for details on each character attributes.

September - Respect
October - Initiative
November - Courage
December - Empathy and Compassion
January - Optimism
February - Honesty
March - Integrity
April - Fairness
May - Perseverance
June - Responsibility

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