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Connected North@Home Adventures

Connected North@Home Adventures
Posted on 06/17/2020
Connected North

Welcome to Connected North@Home Adventures! These FREE live adventures will engage our young adventurers to  connect, explore and create while at home!

Katie Burch and Mali Bickley will be guiding our adventures along with our amazing provider. Each week we will embark on a different adventure. We have booked some of your favourite providers to take us on new and wonderful live expeditions! 

Which Providers Will Be Taking Us on Adventures?
Each week, we will meet your favourite providers, such as: Lee from Museum of Natural History, Commander Pete, Jill Heinerth, Professor RAab, Toledo Zoo, Polar Bears International, Ovi Mailhot, Josh Steckley-Pawis, Colleen and Jamie from the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Karin from Royal Botanical, Miss Anna from Michigan Science, Miss Allyson from Penn Museum and Darin from Alaska Sea Life Center. Michael Solomon sill start each with a fun fitness lesson and ways to create healthy summer snacks! We also have some surprises for you as well!

What Will our Adventurers Require?
Any student from Rainy River District School Board is welcome to register for Connected North@Home Adventures. Once your student has registered, a camp kit, filled with materials for the summer will be available for pick up at the school prior to July 6. The kit will include all of the art and craft materials, experiment instructions, books and supplies for the whole summer. Each week, you will receive an e mail with the links to the live sessions as well as the list of materials to have ready for the week.

How Do I Register My Student?
To register for Connected North@Home Adventures, please complete the registration form.  
Register by June 26 to ensure you receive the camp kit prior to the first session.

polar bears 

Arctic Adventures – July 6 - 10

Travel with us to the North! Polar Bear International will connect with us bout Polar Bears, their live, habitats and how they survive in the harsh northern climate. We will meet a variety of Arctic animals and discover their unique adaptations for surviving in the North.


Under the Sea - July 13 - 17

Calling all Marine Biologists and adventure seekers! Spend this week learning about the life which lives in and around the incredible waters around the planet. We will be exploring a variety of exciting ecosystems where some of the planet's most interesting and exciting animals!


Extreme Entomologists - July 20 - 24

Become an entomology (Insect scientist) expert this week as we explore their weird, whacky and wonderful world of insects! Meet the world's biggest, smallest, most venomous, hairiest and creepiest bugs. Learn how these incredible creatures camouflage, adapt to their ecosystems as well as their fascinating relationships with plants and other members of the animal kingdom.

eco warriors 

Go! Go! Green Eco Warriors - July 27 - 21

Do you want to learn how to be an Eco Warrior? This week will look at different ways that humans are affecting ecosystems in many regions across Canada. We will explore deep inside caves and glaciers, swim with polar bears, put out forest fires and understand some steps we can do to keep Mother Earth healthy and thriving!


Art Attack! August 3 - 7

Prepare to get messy as we dive into a world of art and learn how simple materials can be turned into a work of art! Use your creative skills to create masterpieces from food as well as from simple pieces of paper and objects!

how it works 

How Does It Work? August 10 -14

Become an engineer! This week we will take apart, build and create lots of fun objects to answer the question "How does that work?" Learn how to make a Scribble Bot, build a strong structure and how to create a magic illusion!

animal adventures 

Awesome Animal Adventures - August 17 - 21

The animal kingdom is full of surprises. Learn about some of the most unusual, unique, strange and wired facts which help animals survive in the most extreme environments. Do some of the world's mythical creatures exist? What do animals look like from the inside out? Meet some experts on the animal kingdom and create your own mythical creatures. We may even meet a dragon or two!

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are Connected North@Home Adventures geared toward?
Our adventures are appropriate for students from Grade 1-8. Content is appropriate for all ages, however, the students will require some independent skills to complete some of the activities.

When I register, does my student need to attend all sessions?
We are asking parents and guardians to register for Connected North@Home Adventures in order to communicate and send updates on the program. Your child can participate in as many adventures as they choose. All students are welcome at any time.

What days and times are the adventures?
Connected North@Home will occur  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from July 6 to August 21. Most sessions are booked for 10:00CDT and 12:30 CDT. We have the occasional special event at an alternate time.

How will information about the sessions be distributed?
Each Sunday evening, an e-mail will be sent to registered families which will include a link to the weekly website, a list of materials required for the session and any other important information.

How does my child connect to the session?
Each week, we will have a list of the sessions and times listed on the Connected North@Home website- http://connectednorth.org/athome

Your student will simply click on the photo of the sessions they wish to join approximately five minutes prior to the session. If they are joining with an iPad, there will be an additional code required to log in. It is a very simple process and we are always there to assist!

Are the sessions live or recordings?
All of the sessions are live and interactive. We are proud of Connected North's program which enables communication between the students and the amazing providers who connect with the students. The students are able to interact with the provider and each other in a chat!

What happens if we miss a session?
Most sessions are recorded and will be posted on the website shortly after the session. If you want to revisit a particular session or review some content, the sessions will be there for you to review and enjoy for two weeks after the completion of the session.

Who facilitates the sessions?
All sessions are facilitated by Mali Bickley and Katie Burch. Both Katie and Mali are teachers with many years of experience in the classroom and working on line with students and teachers!

Mali Bickley
Educational Consultant and School Coordinator
TakingITGlobal . Connected North
[email protected]

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