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Supporting Students who have suffered a Concussion

The Rainy River District School Board values its partnership with parents and community members to provide a healthy and safe learning environment. Supporting a student recovering from a concussion requires a collaborative approach among parents, school professionals and health care providers.

As a part of the educational effort, fact sheets were developed for coaches, for parents and for students to provide easy-to-use information about recognizing and responding to a potential concussion:

In the interests of safety, Board staff must follow Procedure 4.74 Student Concussion Protocol when a student is suspected of having sustained a concussion. This includes evaluation by a medical doctor, and return to physical activity/sport can only occur after clearance by the doctor. The forms, Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion, Documentation of Medical Examination and Return to Learn/Return to Physical Activity Plan (Diagnosed Concussion) must be completed and provided to the school administrator before the student resumes participation in curricular, intramural/club activities, playground activities and team sports.

Please watch this video to learn about the importance of seeing a doctor and a slow return to physical activity if diagnosed with a concussion:


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